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ヽ(^o^)ノ Top...or Tops?

Let's start by saying what a top is...a top is the dominate in the relationship. Be they female or male. They are the one in charge.

For me there is two....well two for now. ヽ(^o^)ノ

So, I am a baby hucow. Now that is a cross between a babygirl and a hucow. Let's start with a babygirl. A babygirl in my definition is a little that doesn't have alot of age regression. She can be someone taken care of by her Daddy or Dom, making sure she takes care of her well being and mental health. So think of a submissive that loves all the girlie things like shopping and dressing up and stuffies.

I am also a hucow. By definition a submissive person, usually a woman, who enjoys participating in forced lactation. A hucow’s breasts are milked by a dominant partner, usually a man, as a real cow is milked by a farmer. Milking techniques can vary.

The term hucow is a portmanteau of the words human and cow.

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