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== Results from ==

100% Switch

96% Voyeur

95% Exhibitionist

94% Brat

94% Experimentalist

93% Submissive

85% Primal (Prey)

84% Degrader

78% Degradee

75% Non-monogamist

75% Boy/Girl

74% Dominant

72% Master/Mistress

71% Rope bunny

63% Brat tamer

60% Slave

56% Rigger

55% Sadist

55% Owner

52% Ageplayer

50% Pet

42% Primal (Hunter)

34% Masochist

16% Vanilla

11% Daddy/Mommy

Alright, guys...this is a great way to start off BDSM lifestyle or even just for fun. These are my results. But if you go to and start the test. You get many options. From knowing which top or bottom you lean towards to if you want to say you don't know and see what the results are. Each of them are explained in detail at the end of the test so make sure you don't forget to double check it gives brief descriptions.㋡

So, at the shows your percent's like above and if you click the more info button it gives some good descriptions. For example:

Brats are, in essence, naughty submissives. They find disobedience a form of playfulness rather than letting their dominant down, and require a compatible dominant who will not only teach them a lesson, but also accept that any number of lessons might still not necessarily change this behavior.

Brats typically pair up with brat tamers.

ヽ(^o^)ノ Have fun with it!

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