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A lazy sunday day....

Alright all you lovelies....

So, besides working crazy hours and spending time on Secondlife, I have some seriously weird news! Like a good weird way...type news announcement!

So, as everyone knows I have Daddy and Papa that are my doms. But because of the 6+ hours time zone difference it can be lonely when they are not around. And I been looking for something to do so I brought up having a job to them. Well they said Yes! Woohooo! But that isn't the only news. I had a dom ask Papa and Daddy if they would be fine with someone else owning me and spending time with me when they are not around...Now....i know what your all thinking this girl already has two doms why the hell does she need another??? I am telling you I did not ask nor beg for this. The Dom went to Papa while we were at an event and asked him. It seems he had seen me frequently by myself after Daddy and Papa went to bed at events or clubs in SL. Let's say i was shocked...and I nearly died when Papa agreed as long as it didnt cut into his time with me.

So, now I have Daddy and Papa....and Master! OMGoshies what is a little cow to do?!?!?! Let's say it has been an interesting few weeks learning how to juggle all of my priorities.

Anyways darlings, I am off to events so much happening and so little time. Make sure your all hitting your events!

Loves and Hugs


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