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Looks come and go...

So, looks change from sales and such holidays or even just as the moods swing. I started looking for a job in SL and I changed my look as well...which makes me question how some people say they are not judgmental but still say what they say. So I am going to add some pictures here 1 I wear when feeling bubbly and happy go lucky.... and the 2nd is when i want to be alittle naughty and witchy! ^^

I been told several times both looks are disgusting disturbing and so on....Let's say people are opinionated. I rock to my own beat and NO ONE has the right to judge how my look is or what i choose to wear or not wear, I would never do that to another it may not be the look i like but if people are looking good I will be first to compliment them.

Can you tell which is which? :D

So, to all those people hating on other peoples looks, CHILL OUT! You don't pay for their linden you don't get to bitch! No one likes a judgmental whine ass who is pissed because some of us take the time to piece our avatar together well while others struggle!

So to all my lovelies & darlings rock your own beat follow your own path and be true to you! Your happiness comes before others they will take you how you are or not at all and if they don't like you the block button is your friend darlings!

Loves and Hugs


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