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To breed or not to breed....

Alright my little there comes a time in Secondlife (SL) that you may or may not want children. There are several huds out there but the tried and true one and widely used is Mama Allpa!

Now, the Mama Allpa is a hud! Just attach on your hud somewhere set up the language and pick your partner! Ta da! Your ready to breed!

Alright, breeding isnt for everyone! But there are some kinksters out there that want the roleplay of breeding. This is by far the easiest and most used breeding system in SL, as well as the cheapest in price. I am adding the link to the Marketplace (MP) where you can find this system. Link >>>

Yes, I have used this myself, an older version and newer! I can swear by this hud that it is what your looking for, and with the many add-ons the creator offers what is not to like for any type or want for the kinkster in you.

Remember it is all based on what you want in your SL that makes the world go round and the cowbell chime! Just remember to have fun while your doing it!

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