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Woah and Mooooooo!

OMGosh! Can life take over or what? So, my little cowbellas I been busy with real life for last couple of weeks but this gives me an amazing opportunity to touch on the subject that comes to mind when we are talking BDSM and SL! Communication!

Yeppers! That's the key here! Talking talking and more talking! There are many ways to keep in contact with your Dom/Daddy/Sir or even your Sub/Slutling/Slave....either skype...discord...text...whatsapp. There is a world of possibilities.

Now if your wanting to do video calls then Skype is the way to go! Whatsapp, texting and discord are all good for texting but if you want that REAL personal feel then Skype is where it is at!

Remember cowbellas, talking is the key to any relationship, and it is SO VERY important for a BDSM one! A Top/bottom doesn't know how you feel or know your point of view if your too scared to open up and rip the good the bad and the ugly thoughts out into the air.

Alright my cowbellas, so keep in mind talking is key even when real life screams for your attention. A nice hello Sir or simple moo can go a long way to making a Dom smile.

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